Seamless gutters offer top quality protection for your home

by Sri Pinnaka

With traditional gutters there are seams and joints that over time will weaken and cause leaks. These leaks can eventually cause damage to your home, like rust and mold. This damage can be expensive to repair, and the maintenance can be costly as well.

To avoid these problems, seamless gutters are designed in one-piece sections that are custom fit for your home. At WildcatMetals, our trucks are equipped with gutter machines which enables our installers to run the gutters onsite. This ensures that we get the exact measurements on each piece.


Not only do seamless gutters cause less problems, but they also are stronger and better equipped to deflect water away from your home because they are made with stronger aluminum than most traditional gutters. They also do not require screws or nails to attach to your roof. This almost eliminates the problem of separation or sagging, two common problems that traditional gutter systems have.