by Sri Pinnaka

A complete guide for home-owners.

When it comes to weighing the pros and cons of metal roofing against traditional asphalt roofing, the comparison isn’t a difficult one, home owners find.

Investment grade roofing is commonly known to provide far more advantages than traditional asphalt roofing– namely, increased energy efficiency, protection from the elements and even tax credits – thusly, there’s a surplus of information online and readily available for consumers seeking out this information.

Fewer comparisons, however, are available for pro and con weighing home-owners, between the various types of metal shingles available within the residential metal roofing market.

For home-owners considering Investment Grade Roofing, we’ve put together this comprehensive comparison guide covering pros and cons of metal roofing, stacked up against asphalt shingles, and cross compared across the various metal roofing types.